SAP E-Academy

SAP e-Academy

SAP eAcademy is flexible education program rolled out by SAP throughout the region. SAP eAcademy adopts the learner-centric approach to training. Wemyt is proud to be the pioneers of introducing SAP eAcademy in Pakistan. We are currently offering SAP eAcademy in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
SAP’s eAcademy offers an efficient way to transfer knowledge designed specifically to deliver information wherever and whenever it’s needed. Each course provides interactive snapshots of business processes along with simulations, exercises, pre/post evaluations. You can seek assistance through dedicated online support available to students via Web-based chat, VoiceOver IP, NetMeeting, as well as global learner discussion boards. Participants directly access SAP Training Material from our premises. The 200-hour course can be completed by assessment over a period of three months or five months.

Key Highlights of the E-Academy


  • Teaching medium: Training Terminals (Desktops)
  • Course content: designed specifically for consultants; focused on business process and solution areas. It covers the Instructor-Led Training (ILT) content but in a Computer Based Training (CBT) form.
  • Flexible format: allows students to proceed at their own pace and repeat lessons as needed while providing interactive snapshots and simulated exercises.
  • Live access: to the SAP training system helps learners practice exercises and demos in real time.
  • On-line support available: through Web-based chat, Net meeting, and expert instructor help support available at scheduled times
  • SAP eAcademy Includes: E-learning courses, helpdesk support, access to training systems, student handbooks