CAT Phones:

Cat phone is one of the world’s leading and most successful Rugged phone device. It has been developed by CAT, an organization that is a household name as the world’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment.

One of its key features that it’s a rugged mobile which means its unbreakable and some models also contain the worlds 1 st thermal imaging mobile phone powered by FLIR.

Aside from having an Android OS system and camera technology like most other handsets in the market, The cat Rugged Mobile has some unique features which are:-

  •  It is indestructible and drop proof up to 1.8M
  •  Dive capability as far as 5 meters beneath the water, for up to 1 hour
  •  Thermal technology can be used for various different functions which include construction, plumbing, animal health, electrical, recreation, first response, outdoor and mechanical projects.
  •  Radio telecommunication devices over your active mobile network to pass messages to colleagues in various different locations and time zones like walkie talkies.
  •  An extremely long lasting battery.

“As the Cat brand stands for trust, durability, reliability and quality.”

The models that are currently included in our range are:

  • CATS61
  • CATS60
  • CATS41
  • CATS31
  • CATB25

CAT S61:

The CAT S61 is the Rolls Royce of Rugged Mobile Phones. It has features that are not found in any of the competitor rugged mobile phone devices available in the market.

The phone sports an FLIR thermal imaging camera, designed to detect heat normally invisible to the naked eye.  It provides a new perspective and opens up new use cases, including: detecting heat loss around windows and doors; spotting moisture and missing insulation; identifying over-heating electrical appliances and circuitry; and seeing in complete darkness.It offers extremely clear image contrast and temperatures ranging from from -21 to 400 degrees Celsius.

The S61 is also capable take HD images from its regular 16MP rear camera to enhance the thermal images. The S61 can also livestream the thermal images it captures. The Cat S61 also has a 5.2-inch display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of on-board
storage, an 8MP front-facing camera, and a 4,500mAh battery.

The Measure app on the Cat® S61 uses the device’s in-built laser and rear camera to establish depth and calculate distances. It can be used to measure the distance from the device to a surface, and to estimate areas on that same surface. It can be used to calculate quotes or the materials needed for wall tiling, wallpapering or painting jobs, flooring or skirting board fitting, running piping or cable, or for preparing floor plans. The Measure app helps you to capture images on site that can then be used later to estimate sizes and dimensions. It’s a convenient way to take on-the-job measurement estimates, without a tape measure.

It’s the perfect tool for tradesmen, DIY enthusiasts, interior designers, estate agents or realtors, home insurance assessors, and many other professions.

It has an air quality sensor app allows you to get useful temperature and humidity readings with the integrated indoor air quality monitor of the Cat® S61 smartphone. With the Air app on the device, you can quickly understand the moisture levels in your working environment.

It is useful for rooms without an extractor fan, or regular ventilation, and where opening a window alone doesn’t always completely remove all the moisture. You can also use it to help you understand when a freshly plastered wall is ready to paint.

“CATS61@bigger, better and bolder than ever before”

CAT S60:

The S60 smartphone is designed for the outdoors, with features to cope with challenging environments. Equipped with a built-in FLIR thermal, the S60 will give you clear thermal imagery and multiple spot meters that allow you to retroactively pinpoint temperature(s) in your image.

It is certified to the highest industry standard for ruggedness, IP68 feature, so it can survive depths of up to 5 meters underwater for 60 minutes and it can also take underwater photographs and video footage.

It also supports glove and wet-finger compatible touchscreen. It has a scratch resistant glass (Gorilla Glass 5 Protection), is dustproof and can withstand being dropped from a height of 1.8m, with 3800 mAh battery Quick Charging v2.0, 3 GB RAM 32 GB internal storage, expandable up to 128 GB.

“See the world differently with CAT S60”

CAT S41:

The S41 has a unique feature that comes with a 5,000mAh battery, gives you up to 38hours talk-time and 44days stand-by-time and it also boasts so much battery power that it can charge other devices and accessories with its unique battery share feature. It has 32GB of inbuilt storage, 2.3GHz octa core Helio P20 processor. It comes with 3GB of RAM, 13MP camera. It sports an 8MP camera on the front camera usage.

“Share the power with S41”

CAT S31:

The CAT S31 is built to survive. It is an ultra-tough phone with long battery life (4,000mAh). The S31 is suitable for almost all environments.

With an IP68 feature dunk in water with confidence, at 1.20 meters water depth up to 35 minutes. Camera of S31 is absolutely brilliant, with an 8 MP main camera and 2 MP front camera.

CAT S31 has a been made out of high quality rugged materials, which will allow you to drop it, dunk it in water, drop it in mud without affecting its ability to function. It’s packed with features that help in harsh or outdoor environments including a screen optimized for use in direct sunlight or when wet.

“You Can Drop Me But You Can’t Stop Me!”

CAT B25:

CAT B25 phones have outstanding features that include a strong and powerful battery life of 1300 mAh, enabling you to reduce the dependency on your charger.

The B25 has up to 9.5 hours of talk time. With It you will eliminate the need to carry separate phones for work by making use of the smart dual SIM support integrated with this device.

Being dust and water resistant, It is ideal for those who work in extreme outdoor conditions where conventional phones do not have the ability to cope with the harsher environments.

“Small but Mighty, the CAT B25 feature phone is the perfect tool for the workforce”

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